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UK customs have a new procedure for clients importing household effects under transfer of residence. The customs form C3 no longer applies.
Clients must make an application to HMRC using the online form, link below.
They must complete the form and upload supporting documents.
Each client will then be give a unique code to allow them customs clearance.

you need to prepare and scan below documents in your computer before you start to fill in the online form
1. passport copy
2. Hong Kong address proof (utility bill of six months old)
3. items list (put your name and sign)
4. UK address proof


  1. 護照 (含照片及簽名頁)

  2. 香港地址證明 ( 3個月內的水電費帳單或租單)

  3. 英國地址證明

-如尚未有英國地址,需要提供臨時住宿証明 (如酒店預訂)或居住在親戚朋友屋企需要寫一封證明信件以及其地址證明或出發前已經在英國有買樓或租屋,可提供有關證明

  1. 具體列出進口的物品類別以及數量的清單




  1. 在移民英國前,已經在英國境外居住至少連續12個月

  2. 在英國居住後的12個月內運送個人物品到英國

  3. 寄運物品屬於自用,並已經使用該商品至少6個月

  4. 物品在12個月內不可以借出、轉售、出租或轉讓給他人

  5. 物品在抵達英國後與搬家前有相同用途。

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